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How are retailers still allowed to sell these?

I don't mean power banks in general, they're useful devices and I use a few myself. What I'm referring to specifically here is the type of power bank that includes a small solar panel on it to "charge" the power bank using nothing but light. These devices are actually quite dangerous, which explains why the only companies manufacturing them are brands, usually Chinese, with a brand name that looks like a Scrabble hand, who use the cheapest components possible. There's a reason why more reputable brands don't make these bombs waiting to explode. The capacity of the batteries is significant. OK, you can't always trust the published specifications of these things from less reputable brands, but even so, you're going to end up with a battery pack with a capacity of several thousand milliampere-hours. Let's assume we're working with a 20,000 mAh pack here. Let's also assume that the capacity that the manufacturer is boasting is actually hone