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Calculator collection

This has become just a holding page enumerating the models that I have. Details of each one will appear on a dedicated website in due course and I'll give a link to that website here. Running total of items collected so far: 296 Hewlett Packard (66) HP 10s HP 10s+ HP-10C HP-12C (2x) HP-12C Platinum HP-12C Platinum 25th Anniversary HP-15C HP-16C HP-18C HP-19BII HP-28C HP-28S HP-32S HP-32SII HP-35 HP-35S HP 38G HP 39G HP 39gII HP 39gs (2x) HP 40gs (2x) HP-41C HP-41CV (converted to a Systemyde International 41CL) HP-41CX HP-42S HP-45 HP-48G (2x) HP-48GX (2x) HP-48G+ HP-48S HP-48SX (2x) HP 48gII 2× (1× 2003 version, 1× 2007 version) HP 49G (2x) HP 49g+ HP 50g (12x black, 2x blue) HP-67 HP-71B HP 95LX (not strictly