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Staying safe on social media

First of all, let's get one thing out of the way. It's a major thing that you always need to bear in mind when participating in social media in order to enjoy it safely. Your own safety is not the only thing that depends on this, that of your friends and family does, too. Social media is not a safe haven. There. I said it. Social media is open to anyone, not just the "good guys" like you and your friends. The "bad guys" are also out there and they gradually glean snippets of information from you and others that help them build up a profile allowing them to impersonate you, take over your social media account or even perpetrate identity theft. Any of the above can ruin your reputation and your credit rating and get you into trouble with the law if a crime is committed using your identity. That is, unless you deprive the bad guys of this information... Don't even feed them misinformation either because they can detect patterns in tha