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Nokia E72 firmware version V51

Nokia released a major update for the E72 handset in September 2010. The previous version was V31, so V40 and V50 weren't even released to the public. According to many online resources there are something like 450 bugfixes in V51. There are also some new features that some people would consider to be bugs, and curiously enough, some pieces of software appear to have been down graded between versions V31 and V51. V51 is currently available via Nokia Software Updater and as Firmware-over-the-air. There are various sources of information on the internet listing things that are supposed to have changed. What I'd like to do here is give you an idea of what the new firmware feels like, which is something you can't put on paper. Visually, very little has changed. To be honest, the only difference I've noticed is a smaller clock at the bottom of the screen. People who tend to use the keypad to select elements in the phone's menus will be pleased to hear that the '7'