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Nokia N9 PR1.3 update

The much awaited update landed on my own N9 yesterday. At first sight there's nothing really new in it despite Nokia's surprisingly undetailed claims of over 1000 improvements in various areas (see here ). As far as I can see there are only 3 visual changes, but it goes a little deeper than that. Read on... Firstly, there is now a small status icon that appears when the phone's "beep" profile is selected (see photo to the right, screenshot of the top-right corner of the display). Previously, there was only such an icon when the phone was in silent mode, a similar musical note with a bar through it. Secondly, the UI seems to be a bit more fluid. Scrolling through photos in the gallery, entries in the music player or tweets in the twitter app seems less jerky than previously. Finally, there has been some improvement to the camera. Focussing seems to be improved, as does the camera's ability to function in poor lighting conditions. The

Flickr account on a Nokia N9

Since writing this, I have found a "solution" to the problem. "Solution" in quotes because it is merely a work-around and doesn't actually solve the underlying problem. All I did was install firefox , set it as the default browser and start over with the procedure described below. Here's one that has me stumped. Rest assured, if I do get an answer to this problem I'll publish it here so that other people coming up against the same problem can find help. The nature of the problem is quite simple: it is seemingly impossible to set up my flickr account on this phone. Flickr apparently uses an oAuth system similar to that of twitter, whereby the client application (the built-in flickr client in the N9 in this case) contacts the flickr API saying "I want permission to access your services". The flickr API then prompts the user (me) to log in and grant the client this permission, in response to which, the API returns a token to the client. In

Choosing a new mobile network

The time has come for me to choose a new mobile network! I'm currently using Tesco Mobile as the coverage was excellent where I used to live. I was also led to believe that the coverage of most competing networks was poor in the location where I now live, so Tesco or O 2 (the former uses the latter's network anyway) seemed the logical choice and I took out a 12-month SIM-only contract. The big 5 available here in the UK are Orange UK , O 2 , Vodafone , Hutchison 3G and T-Mobile . MVNOs piggybacking on some of these networks are, among others, Virgin Mobile (on T-Mobile), Tesco Mobile (on O 2 ) and Asda Mobile (on Vodafone). They all provide different levels of coverage in the various locations that I frequent and different levels of service. The primary concern when choosing a network has to be coverage and service levels, with the deals being offered by the networks only your second consideration. There's no point in getting boatloads of inclusive minutes, more t

Nokia N9 and CalDAV on Google

Wow! It's some 18 months since I last published anything here! Time to add a quick article that puts in one place the results of something I was looking at last night. The idea here is to synchronise your Google calendar(s) with your N9 (and presumably N950 since they both run MeeGo Harmattan), which isn't that hard in itself. What caught me out and had me searching was how to sync all my Google calendars with the phone. Single calendar In its most basic form, this system allows you to sync just your main Google calendar with a mobile device. On your phone, go into "Accounts" and start setting up a new CalDAV account: Fill in your Google e-mail address (eg. and your Google account password, and in the "Server/URL" field enter: Tap on the "Sign in" button and you will be presented with a page allowing you to set up the scheduling (just like with any synchronised account)