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Timex "Expedition Field Chronograph 43mm" watch

It's about a week since I bought one of these so I thought I'd jot down some of my first impressions of the timepiece. My overall impression is positive. There are a couple of negative points that I'll deal with but, on the whole, I like this watch. The build strikes me as being sturdy. There is no play in the crown or in the buttons and their operation is met with a reassuring amount of smooth friction. The mechanism for setting the watch is slightly unconventional but it actually makes sense. Most analogue watches with date usually allow you to set the date by pulling the crown out to a first position, and then to set the time by pulling the crown out to a second position. This watch does things slightly differently because it also has to allow you to calibrate the chronograph before you use it for the first time. With the crown in the first position you can zero the chronograph's minutes hand (10 o'clock dial) and you can set the date by rotating the h