Flickr account on a Nokia N9

Since writing this, I have found a "solution" to the problem. "Solution" in quotes because it is merely a work-around and doesn't actually solve the underlying problem.

All I did was install firefox, set it as the default browser and start over with the procedure described below.

Here's one that has me stumped. Rest assured, if I do get an answer to this problem I'll publish it here so that other people coming up against the same problem can find help.

The nature of the problem is quite simple: it is seemingly impossible to set up my flickr account on this phone. Flickr apparently uses an oAuth system similar to that of twitter, whereby the client application (the built-in flickr client in the N9 in this case) contacts the flickr API saying "I want permission to access your services". The flickr API then prompts the user (me) to log in and grant the client this permission, in response to which, the API returns a token to the client. In order to access flickr's services thereafter, the client has to present that token as proof that the user gave it permission to access their account.

So, step 1 is to go into Accounts > Add accounts > Flickr on the N9. You're presented with this screen:
By tapping on the "continue" button, you are taken to the flickr login page:
Once you've given your Yahoo! ID and password and signed in, the authorization token should be handed over to the account setup process and you should be redirected back to the account setup. Instead of that, you wind up at the flickr mobile home page:
Meanwhile, the account setup process is still waiting for the auth token:
If anyone has some ideas, I'm all ears!

My phone is a Nokia N9 running PR1.2.

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