How do I stop or silence that annoying startup animation?

While starting up, Nokia Series 60 smartphones show a short animation of two hands reaching out and grasping each other and play back a snippet of the "Nokia Tune" (which is actually an excerpt of the "Gran Vals" by Francesco Tárrega). This can be annoying or even embarrassing in some situations.

If you're quick enough you can make the phone skip the animation before it starts playing back the jingle.

On touch-screen phones: simply tap the screen.

On keypad phones: press any key.

Alternatively, if you're likely not to catch the animation quickly enough, then you can silence it altogether.

You need to edit the settings for your active profile (consult your manual for instructions how to do this). More specifically, you need to set "Warning tones" to "Off".

If you switch to another profile before switching off then you'll have to make sure THAT profile's warning tones are also deactivated.

While this will silence the animation, you will also lose other pieces of audio information. For example, you won't hear the beep that's emitted when the battery is fully charged or any other audio signal that accompanies an information box. Java applets will also be mute (this is most evident with games).

So, you can skip the animation if you're quick enough or you can silence it at the cost of silencing many notifications, but you can't deactivate it completely.

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